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Jessica Gulick Named a DCA Live 2019 Cyber Star

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DCA Live recently recognized 40 individuals from the “cyber growth” community— founders, investors, executives and connectors who are driving growth in our cyber industry.

Congratulations to Katzcy CEO Jessica Gulick for being among the 40 leaders from the local tech community selected because of the positive difference they make. Congratulations to cyber leaders (and friends):

  • Mary Beth Borgwing, Standish Cyber Corp
  • John Jolly, Syncurity
  • Peter Kilpe, CyberWire
  • Vince Crisler, Dark Cubed
  • Jennifer O’Daniel, CIT
  • John Czupak, Threat Quotient
  • John Cassidy, King and Union
  • Michael Shinn, Atomicorp
  • And many more!

Much thanks to Doug Andersen and his team.

DCA Live’s mission is to produce engaging events that strengthen the local business community and recognize the great leaders and companies across the DC region that are creating growth and driving innovation.