October Virtual Cyber Carnival Promotes Cybersecurity Awareness Through a Variety of Cyber Games

RESTON, Va., Sept. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Katzcy, a woman-owned small business dedicated to growth hacking and cyber as a sport, today announced the inaugural month-long, virtual Cyber Carnival...

Jessica Gulick Named a DCA Live 2019 Cyber Star

Congratulations to Katzcy CEO Jessica Gulick for being among the 40 leaders from the local tech community named DCA Live Cyber Stars.

Jessica Gulick Named a DCA Live 2018 Power Woman of Tech

Jessica Gulick, Katzcy founder and CEO, is proud to be among the list of Women in Cybersecurity To Follow On Twitter compiled by Cybercrime Magazine.

How Dark Cubed Sounded the Alarm About IoT Security Concerns

132 Women In Cybersecurity To Follow On Twitter, Thousands More Coming

Jessica Gulick, Katzcy founder and CEO, is proud to be among the list of Women in Cybersecurity To Follow On Twitter compiled by Cybercrime Magazine.

Katzcy’s CyberOPSTunity Pitch Competition Winner Announced

Katzcy, along with event co-host Standish Cyber Corporation, is pleased to announce ClearForce as the winner of its 2018 CyberOPSTunity pitch competition.

Cyber Sector Tries to Shake Off ‘Men in Hoodies’ Image

The Financial Times is running a special report on Women in Technology and the ingenuity behind achieving gender balance in the industry. In this article they focus on the cultural image of cybersecurity and how to change the stereotype.

Katzcy Announces Winners of 2017 Pitch Week

Today, Katzcy announced the winners of its 2017 Pitch Week competition. Pitch Week gave participants an opportunity to present their sales pitch to a panel of experienced judges and receive immediate feedback.

A Selection of Female Founders & CEOs in Cybersecurity

In Celebration of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (November 19, 2017), ITSP Magazine put together a list of 42 female founders and CEOs in cybersecurity and InfoSec. Katzcy founder and CEO, Jessica Gulick, is proud to be featured in this group of hardworking and resourceful women.

For the Love of the Game

Jessica Gulick, Katzcy founder and CEO, is a featured guest blogger on the eForensics Magazine’s blog. She shares her experience with cyber competitions and how they can help develop tomorrow’s cybersecurity workforce as well as working with the Cybersecurity Education (NICE) Working Group.

Cybersecurity Is More Than a Science, It Is an Art

The Top Cybersecurity Education Trends

Careers in Cybersecurity sits down with Jessica Gulick, Katzcy founder and CEO, to discuss how advanced education and training opportunities are shaping the cybersecurity sector.

Women, Minorities Largely Absent from Cybersecurity Jobs

Cybersecurity threats are growing and the cybersecurity profession isn’t keeping up. Yet women and minorities are still significantly underrepresented. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) discusses how to bridge the gap.

Cybersecurity Games: Building Tomorrow’s Workforce

In the Winter 2017 edition of the Journal of Law and Cyber Warfare, Katzcy’s Monica Ricci (Senior Growth Marketer) and Jessica Gulick (Founder & CEO) discuss how cyber competitions work and how we can grow the cybersecurity workforce with them.