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Cybersecurity Games: Building Tomorrow’s Workforce

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In the Winter 2017 edition of the Journal of Law and Cyber Warfare, Katzcy’s Monica Ricci (Senior Growth Marketer) and Jessica Gulick (Founder & CEO) discuss how cyber competitions work and how we can grow the cybersecurity workforce with them.

Cyber is more than IT. It is our behaviors, actions, and uses — most for good ends, but some for bad. Cyber games train us to know what we’re looking for, as well as how best to respond. They develop leadership, communication, and teamwork skills in a group of people that typically are more introverted. By developing cyber teams that compete in games like sports teams do, we can establish a code of ethics and a non-military approach centered on collaboration and strategy that will create the workforce we need for the future.

Jessica Gulick

Founder & CEO, Katzcy